Firuze has made a big impact since leading our account. From day 1 it felt like she really understood our business and all of the challenges that come with it. She navigates this complexity to help us find achievable solutions that work for all. It’s a real pleasure working with her.
— Jonathan Broome - Head of Brand Marketing, DEWALT
Firuze brings a depth of knowledge, experience, and clarity to the transformation of our website. This meant a significant development in terms of shaping the story-telling aspect by focusing on the visitor and seeing the journey of the visitor, how they use the website and the content they will consume. For me, Firuze really gets under the skin of what’s needed by putting the visitor first, understanding my goals for the website and presenting a thorough and very pragmatic content strategy to feed into the overall plan. Firuze also has a natural ability to think on her feet and come up with great ways of looking differently at problems and managing conversations which can involve many people with subjective views. I really see her as a valued member of my team.
— Rachel Teare, Automic
I have worked with Firuze on many different projects and am continually impressed with her ability to take a complex brief and distil this into creative that delivers exactly what is required. Not only conveying the key messages but doing this in a visually engaging and stimulating way.
— Darren Atkins, Sony
I worked with Firuze a number of times when I was responsible for making videos at Nokia and then Microsoft. She’s an excellent project manager/producer and I was never worried about quality when Firuze was involved. From writing scripts, to planning productions, and then ensuring that scenes were shot as scripted, Firuze was always a step ahead of the game. On top of this she’s also a really nice person! I’d definitely work with Firuze again and strongly recommend her for any role requiring that magic combination of creativity and attention to detail.
— Andrew Flowers, Nokia, Microsoft, Words in Motion

Very talented designer who can think outside of the box creatively. Will always push you to think of new ideas or new ways of bringing design to life.
— Gareth Davies, WE Communications

Firuze is a versatile, enthusiastic and hugely creative designer and art director who’s never short of inspired ideas. Always an active contributor to brainstorms and meetings, Firuze is a great addition to any team.
— Russell Simmons, Senior Copywriter

Not only is Firuze, one of the most brilliant designers I’ve ever had the pleasure of having on my team, she is also one of the brightest, kindest, and thoughtful people I’ve ever known. There will always be a place on my staff for her and anyone looking for a great designer would be crazy not to hire her.
— Kimberly Davis Director, Sarsaparilla Ltd

Firuze French is fast, fastidious, flexible, fun and frickin’ awesome.
— Matthew Wright, Head of Creative Communications at Given London Limited