Strategic Web Design


Designing for a website is more than just images and text layout.

The complexity of how we now consume content and the every day advancements in technology mean web design must be strategic, taking into account audiences, context and recognising the journeys we take every day through websites.




Lead generation with a customer focused approach and personalisation based on user behaviour.

Working with the Automic marketing and content teams, we were tasked to rebuild their website so that it supported their marketing strategy, generate new sales leads and respond to increase mobile visits. The process included working with web designers, UX designers and developers to produce new page designs. A knowledge of the Drupal CMS meant that informed design and production decisions could be made based on client expectations and budget.



User Experience Design

Users dictate how and when they experience content, which means websites need to be accessible on demand. Not only is responsive design now best practice, it's compulsory to ensure your users have the best experience when visiting your site, wherever they are. Information must be easy to find and it's crucial for them to understand who you are, what you do and what your values are from the first page they visit. UX isn't just based on what feels right. It requires knowledge of best practice, new techniques, specific audience types, different devices and design based on research and analytics.




Website redesign based on user experience, best practice and client requirements.

As a provider of adaptive cyber security and data loss prevention solutions, Clearswift's offering is complex, spanning products, solutions, support and insights. While their website had been updated to be responsive to adapt to different devices, the user experience was still confusing, relying on the user to self navigate complex pages that were only clear to someone working at the company.



The Solution

The redesign of the solutions pages required an assessment of the current user experience, and the ideal customer journey. This, coupled with Clearswift's desired outcome of requesting a demo, meant the page was restructured to deliver information and content in a sequence that was easier to digest, but still allowed the user to find out more if they required more details. Since the redesign, there has been an increase in requests for demos of Clearswift products and solutions.



Campaign creation

Nurture tracks allow you to build a relationship at the marketing stage, qualifying the lead before you pass them to sales. It's important to be consistent in the campaign throughout all assets and channels, including email, landing pages, assets and social images, but still be engaging and striking in order to stand out from the noise.